Posted by: orcaweb | July 5, 2017

The half way mark!

Hello! Jess here reporting on my final week on board the Cap Finistere. At the start of the week I was joined by Kelly, the first of our three Wildlife Officer Placements. These placements are designed to give people a four week experience on board learning how to be a Wildlife Officer.

Our first crossing to Bilbao saw the worst weather I have ever experienced in the Bay of Biscay! We were unable to go out for our surveys as the spray of the waves was coming over the top of the ferry and landing on the deck. On our second crossing we did manage to venture out, but the sea was still a very rough sea state 5. Despite this, we did catch fleeting glimpses of common dolphins and striped dolphins.

We had a very scenic trip to Santander on Saturday where we spotted some large birds of prey. Are there any readers out there who know what feathered creatures might be lurking in the sky around the city?


Approaching Santander

Tuesday’s crossing brought more common dolphins all through the afternoon as we approached the continental shelf, AND A WHALE! Finally! I was starting to get worried about the lack of whales this week but a small fin whale made an appearance which made my day!

As we are half way through our Wildlife Officer season on the Cap Finistere, I thought I would write about some of the things we have achieved so far, and have included pictures of some of my most treasured moments on board.


Common dolphin

From the end of March until now we have engaged with an outstanding 8370 passengers! That’s through giving presentations, delivering quizzes, running children’s activities, and deck watches. Amazing! We’ve met some cracking passengers this year who have been inspired by the wildlife in the Bay of Biscay and have been very supportive to ORCA and its aims.


Common dolphins

We have signed up twenty six adults and children as ORCA members and FinFriends, and our generous passengers have donated over £2,000 to help us run our conservation projects!


Acrobatic common dolphins

It’s great to see the numbers, but the comments and feedback from passengers is what really makes me feel excited to be a Wildlife Officer. I met some parents travelling back from Spain who were keen to tell us what they had been up to on holiday. Turns out, their children were so enthused by our presentation on whales and dolphins, and the huge issue of plastic pollution in the sea, that they spent their entire holiday cleaning the beaches they visited! Two passengers persuaded me to seriously consider a career in teaching, after their kind comments about a presentation I gave. I am now looking into doing my Forest Schools qualification as a result of meeting them! I also had a brief encounter with a man who was convinced he could smell seals from miles away. Nothing profound came of this, I just wanted to share it as it still makes me smile.

Comments such as ‘I never knew a killer whale was actually a dolphin’ after a presentation, and ‘that was magical’ after a dolphin encounter,  have made me incredibly happy, knowing that what we do on board is educating and inspiring the public to care for and protect our oceans.


A picture from the sharknado day!

That’s it from me, but wait! I can’t go without mentioning my two incredible colleagues Hazel and Katie! These two women have been inspiring to work with, and are professional, hardworking, innovative, and dedicated to saving our seas. I know they are going to go onto great things, and of course our Hazel will be on the Cap Finistere until September, so you shall be hearing lots more from her!

I want to thank all who I have worked with at ORCA and Brittany Ferries, and I wish you a very successful summer full of whales!

Pont WLOs



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