Posted by: orcaweb | May 7, 2014

A Common Commotion

Setting sail for Santander again I was joined by passengers up on deck and we were spoilt to some wonderful views of Common Dolphins. Many people were soaking up the sun on the benches however, whenever the word “Dolphin” was called all of a sudden everyone would come over to enjoy the spectacle that the dolphins would put on for us. A couple of passengers also informed me that they had spotted a Sperm Whale on the opposite side of the ship to the deck watch.



Over the next couple of days there were no sightings to speak of however, there was plenty going on inside. I had been given free use of a couple of displays on each side of the ship. After typing up some posters, I filled these with information on us wildlife officers and the different animals we could see throughout our crossings.


ORCAs new display

On Thursday evening, dolphin bingo came out again and proved to be fun for all the family.



Dolphin Bingo

Monday came around very fast indeed and for my final trip this week into Biscay I was joined once again by passengers up on deck, including many members of staff too. It wasn’t long before the dolphins started to appear. We had some very distant breaching dolphins, they were jumping clear out the water by a good 3 meters or so. It is very possible they were Striped Dolphins putting on a very typical acrobatic display however, they were too distant to be sure. Later into the watch we had one fairly close whale blow. Unfortunately this was the only clue we had, for as soon as the blow appeared the whale had disappeared.


A Common tail

On Monday evening there were many dolphins to be seen, with 9 pods of confirmed Common Dolphins that totaled over 150 individuals. Thank you to all the passengers who joined me up on deck to look out for these wonderful animals.


Dolphin spotting

It was soon time to finish the deck watch however, the dolphin sightings did not stop there. What a perfect way to end this two week trip on the Pont Aven, with breaching Common Dolphins just outside the window over dinner. I was 4 decks lower than usual and therefore had some fantastic close up views.


It’s now time to say goodbye to the Pont Aven and a fond farewell to all the crew and passengers. Thank you for all your support, I have also enjoyed learning many new things this week from ship spotting to juggling.

If you would like to find out more about ORCA or join as a member, please visit our website!



The Pont Aven in Portsmouth

See you soon for a brand new adventure.




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