Posted by: orcaweb | June 26, 2013

Bottlenose Dolphins and a Pilot Whale

19/06/2013: Portsmouth-Bilbao
Once again I was on board the Cap Finistere. During the evening, when we were in north of France we could see a fascinating sunset.

20/06/2013: Portsmouth-Bilbao

I arrived up on deck at 06:00 but unfortunately the environmental conditions were not very good (sea state 4 to 5 and the swell 2). Still, I could see some small pods of Common Dolphins! In the afternoon, after we left Bilbao I come back again on deck and had the opportunity to see more Common Dolphins riding and playing around the ship.
pod common dolphin_AnaAlaminos_Torres – Pod of Common Dolphins

22/06/2013 Portsmouth-Santander

Although the weather was not good (wavy and foggy), I went on deck ready to see there were any cetaceans among the big waves. The first signs of life were not mammals but fish! I could see some beautiful Sunfish that were swimming and resting on the surface! More amazing Common dolphins arrived later on though, in total there were about 30 individuals. Finally, and with some difficulty because the conditions were not right, I could see a small pod of Bottlenose Dolphins!

24/06/2013 Portsmouth – Bilbao

I started my deck watch at 14:00 where I found the sea to be calm and the day sunny. I had to wait for the first sightings but finally, in the evening I could see some Common Dolphins and a large pod of Bottlenose Dolphins. The evening ended with a spectacular sunset!

common dolphin3_AnaAlaminos_Torres

25/06/2013 Bilbao-Portsmouth

At 12 noon I was on deck. I was very excited and hopeful for some sightings following the disappointing weather conditions of previous days. The day was very quiet, much more than usual and also was very sunny! But I was still lucky enough to record 18 sightings. At 13:45 I started seeing pods of Common Dolphins. These were followed by a couple of Bottlenose Dolphins. Later was amazing to see the back of a large cetacean. It was a whale! In my opinion, it could be a Fin Whale, but unfortunately the animal didn’t surface to breathe so I couldn’t identify it.

pilot whale_AnaAlamino_Torres – Pilot Whale

There were other passengers on the deck who were also impressed at the sight! By the end of the evening, the sea was like a mirror and you could see animals over long distances. One more surprise was waiting, shortly after the last dolphins I could see a            Pilot Whale swimming towards the ship! Was absolutely amazing and a beautiful sight! During the rest of the afternoon right up until 21:00 I saw more Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Sunfish floating on the surface of the water and gannets flying very close to the water in a beautiful sunset!
Although weather conditions were not favorable all week for sightings, the last days were amazing!

Thank you very much and see you soon!
Ana Alaminos


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