Posted by: orcaweb | May 1, 2013

Another sperm whale sighting!

Hello everyone, this is Chantel and Ana reporting from the Cap Finistere about what we have seen during this week!

24/04/2013- Portsmouth to Bilbao

The beginning of the trip began with many guillemots fishing, and several migrating swallows and a couple of beautiful barrel jellyfish, however no cetaceans seen since the weather was incredibly foggy, so there was very low visibility which was annoying since the calm waters were great for spotting cetaceans.

25/04/2013 Portsmouth – Santander

Over the pelagic waters in the Bay of Biscay going to Santander we saw the blows of two large whales but they were so far away, we couldn’t identify them. This was followed by a pod of possible Bottlenose Dolphins that were porpoising towards the ship. Unfortunately they didn’t come close enough! The morning was really busy for us and the weather was great for whale watching, so we then saw a group of two or three whales. We also saw their blows and splashes too and think they could have been Minke Whales but didn’t get good enough views for accurate identification.

But the best was yet to come! After one Common Dolphin sighting, we saw a Sperm Whale! We first spotted it swimming at the surface, producing a few blows…


….and saw its fluke as it dived back under the water!


On the way back from Bilbao, we saw a large pod of dolphins that were hard to identify due to the distance they kept from the ship.  Lastly we were gifted by one more sighting of a pod of common dolphins.

The rest of the week brought us a few sunfish sightings from the side of the ship, along with many species of sea birds such as lesser black backed gulls, great skuas, fulmars, shearwaters, puffins, guillemots, shags, great black backed gulls, and we even saw a migrating collared dove taking a ride on the ship!

29/04/2013- Portsmouth- Bilbao

After days of seeing nothing but sunfish and bird species, we saw some common dolphin on this trip, including a mother with its calf. We also received reports from passengers on the other side of the ship of a shark sighting, which may well have been a basking shark!

No other cetaceans were seen during this week, however we are hoping that we will be seeing more and more species as we get further into the season!

Chantel and Ana.


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