Posted by: orcaweb | May 5, 2012

Calm as a mill pond

Trip 15 – Portsmouth to Santander & Santander to Portsmouth

An uneventful journey across the channel, sunset off the Brittany coast and an
early breakfast found me up on the starboard deck hiding from the sunrise’s
glare. Within minutes we were approached by pod after pod of dolphin; some
common dolphin, others striped dolphin. This kept up for around an hour – each
pod aiming straight for the bow, with varying degrees of accuracy. Playing in the
waves just beneath our feet, I was torn between getting the best photo and
falling in. In the end I opted to stay dry – sorry about the fuzzy photos (first is a
common dolphin, second, three striped dolphin)!

With more and more clouds lurking around Santander, I was slightly anxious
about the return journey – I could even see rain up in the hills. There was no
need to worry though, as despite the hazy sunshine through the clouds, the Bay
was as flat as a pancake with nothing but the wind causing tiny ripples. I soon
saw a sunfish (I got a photo this time!) and many common dolphin pods.

The common dolphin pods continued to appear and approach the ship right up
until sunset. Around mid-afternoon there was a brief flurry of activity, with
whale blows sighted on the opposite side of the ship to me and almost at the
same time I glimpsed the dark back of a small-medium sized whale. Sadly not
enough time to get any photos/better identification though. The one other whale
sighting we had was just after dinner, again a small-medium sized whale (I
suspect a beaked or bottlenose whale) breaching in the distance – launching
itself well out of the water.

And that’s all from me for the next two weeks – hopefully Tom can bring you
some clearer photos than mine, especially if the weather remains like this!



  1. Thanks for keeping me up to date.I’m pleased the wind has died down.We really enjoyed our trip on Cap Finistere&hope to go again soon,maybe next month.

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