Posted by: orcaweb | July 16, 2011

Moonlit Dolphin Spotting

Hello Everyone!

I have returned to the shores of England and Mike assures me it has been sunny and bright, of course it has now changed to a more traditional British welcome overcast, rainy and a bit grim. I have, however, memories of some great sightings from the second week of my shift on the Cap Finistere.

During the first two trips of the week to Bilbao sightings were mainly limited to pods of Common and Striped Dolphins. Although, whilst giving a presentation on the whales and dolphins of the Bay of Biscay to the passengers we had a small pod of Pilot Whales appear out of the back window accompanied by 3-4 striped dolphins. Very appropriately timed!

My last trip of this shift, to Santander, proved to be even more eventful. The conditions which had been good through most of the week calmed even further and as we were passing through the English Channel we managed to spot 3 Harbour Porpoises.  The next morning the passengers of Cap Finistere and I had 2 fleeting glimpses of small pods of common dolphins as well as a solitary Beaked Whale, however we did see 8 sharks around 1-2 hours out of port. These 1½ – 2 metre long fish were cruising along just along side the ship. On our journey out of Spain we saw 3-4 Bottlenose Dolphins and a pod of around 40 Striped Dolphins. The real highlight of the day came right at the end with a full moon bursting over distant storm clouds it was just light enough to spot a group of about 80 small dolphins alongside the ship. A poetic final treat for the most dedicated passengers and I.

Once again I now hand over to Mike who will soon be joined by Ivo. I wish them luck with their sightings




  1. Thanks – what a fantastic couple of days for you Nathan! You must have been amazed at all these sightings!

    Keep up the good work – proud to have met you + elarned about these fantastic creatures!

    Sheelagh + Colin Raybone Paul+ Jean Bassitt 3/6/11

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