Posted by: orcaweb | July 8, 2011

Whales in the Waves!

Hello everyone!

Once again I find myself out at sea searching for whale and dolphin species and sharing the experience of seeing them with the passengers and crew of the Cap Finistere. This week we have yet again had a variety of conditions ranging from some of the flattest seas I have crossed to some of the choppiest. Despite this we have managed to get some great sightings of cetaceans.

The first voyage of the week proved to be surprisingly quiet and despite good conditions very little was spotted except a few more sun fish, which Mike had been spotting the previous week. So as I departed Portsmouth for the second time this week I was hoping for a distinctly more eventful trip and what a trip it turned out to be! On Monday evening as we travelled south we were treated to a great sighting of a group of Pilot Whales relaxing at the surface and on the return journey we saw another group of Pilot Whales as well as no fewer than 300 dolphins most of which were Common Dolphins although there were occasional Striped Dolphins too!

After such good conditions at the start of the week it was no real surprise when things got a little bit choppy on Wednesday evening. With most of the passengers unsurprisingly absent and myself barely able to keep my footing as I went up on a deck watch I didn’t expect to see a lot and sure enough many hours went passed before just as the light was failing a small pod of 12 Common Dolphins turned up to make it all worth while. Thursday turned out to be slightly calmer but not by much. So whilst the few brave passengers and I stared out at what seemed to be a relentless mass of white cresting waves I was absolutely surprised when one particular bit of white water erupted into a very distinctive shape, the powerful angled blow of a Sperm Whale. Sure enough as we tracked its position as we passed it blew 3 more times before passing out of sight!

So the important lesson I learned this week, even when conditions aren’t great with a little dedication, patience and a lot of luck you can still see some amazing animals!

So back on deck I go, hopeful, as always.




  1. Nathan – fantastic to read about all these sightings! We wish that we had been there to see them with you! Mindyou perhaps not with the weather being rough! Keep up the good work!

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