Posted by: orcaweb | May 14, 2011

Lightning and Whales!


Well, this shift started with a bang, literally. If not particularly jumping with dolphins, the English Channel treated me to a stunning display of thunder and lightning over France.  Particularly nice to watch as it was miles away and barely even raining over the Cap Finistere!

Following this dramatic start to the week it was a quiet few trips on board,  spotting only a few pods of Common Dolphins during the first week of my shift. But things seem to be on the up again. With the conditions looking a bit better than on some of the previous days in the week, I was looking forward to an entire day whale watching in the Bay of Biscay on Saturday morning. It didn’t disappoint. Three pods of Common and one pod of Bottlenose dolphins were the excitement for the afternoon but the highlight of the day a Minke Whale and Calf surfacing within 50 metres of the ship. A great way to start the day!

Hopefully this week will have a bit less exciting weather and even more exciting whales!




  1. Hi. Thanks for the update. We’ll be travelling with you Friday 27th/Saturday 28th May for the first time and will be hoping for some guidance as we’re new to the Orca game. Will be hoping to pick up a few birds too.

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