Posted by: orcaweb | April 22, 2011

An Incredible week!

I have come to the end of my first shift aboard the Cap Finistere and what a fantastic time I’ve had. Since my last update I have had some incredible journeys with some great sightings. On my way out of Bilbao on Tuesday I spotted 5 different species in around half an hour! Whilst some passengers and I were watching a group of Fin Whales pass a few kilometres away a Sperm Whale emerged at 250-350m blew a few times as it travelled away from the ship. Not long after this we were joined simultaneously by a pod of Pilot Whales and some Common Dolphins which were followed not 20 minutes latter by a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins, absolutely amazing!

My journey to Santander on Thursday also proved to be very exciting with a possible Cuvier’s Beaked Whale spotted on the way in and a definite one spotted on the way out surfacing close enough to spot some of the scarring on it’s back. This was followed later in the evening by my best sighting of a Fin Whale yet, blowing only around 800m off the ship and rolling beautifully over the surface.

So I hand over the whale and dolphins of the Bay of Biscay to Mike and hope he has calm crossings and some exciting sightings.




  1. I was a passenger on the CF and was keen to see some cetaceans as we passed through the Bay. I could barely believe my luck at the sheer number of sightings that we had. I couldn’t identify everything, but Nathan did his stuff and so we ticked off: Bottle nose and Common dolphins, Pilot whales, a pretty close Sperm whale and several large rorquals (Nathan’s more scientific but I was happy to call them Fin whales). For me, the crossing was the highlight of our holiday and now I am nagging my wife to book again and do it all again.

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