Posted by: orcaweb | April 15, 2011

Fin Whales!


After a wash out in The English Channel on Wednesday I was hoping for better things in the Bay of Biscay on Thursday and what a day it turned out to be! Over the deep water of the Bay of Biscay, we spied 3-4 sets of large rorqual blows spread over about an hour and half. These included a large blow followed almost immediately by a very close and much smaller blow, a mother and calf perhaps? As we approached Santander we were greeted by a small pod of energetic Striped Dolphins within a stones throw of the ship. A nice surprise at the end of an exciting voyage.

fin whale 2.jpgPhoto by Dave Chilcott

This was just the beginning of the day however and with a new set of passengers on board the Cap Finistere we were heading back for Portsmouth and for another group of seven to eight surfacing large rorquals. One of which was close enough to clearly see it’s surfacing roll and identify it as the mighty Fin Whale! Before all this a pod of 40-50 Common Dolphins arrived as I began my on board presentation. Now, you cannot ask for better timing than that!

Now I just have to hope that next week results in as much excitement as this one.

A tout a l’heure (see you later)



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