Posted by: orcaweb | April 13, 2011

Hello One and All!

Well after the excitement of the last week’s sightings, I thought I might be in for a quiet few days after Mike’s departure. Luckily for me this was not to be. On my first solo crossing down to Bilbao I spotted a beaked whale fully breaching out of the water, but at 8kms identification was a bit tough. With the sea state rising swiftly I thought that may be the end of the day’s excitement but there was one more treat, a Cuvier’s Beaked whale rolling within a 100m of the ship, Beautiful!

Returning from Bilbao on Tuesday proved to be equally successful, between the occasional pods of common dolphins we spied a giant I have been looking forward to seeing. A fin whale surfacing within a kilometre of the ship, easily close enough to appreciate its size, and then continuing to blow 7 or 8 times before disappearing once again.

Promise of a good season to come? Here’s hoping!





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