Posted by: orcaweb | October 10, 2010

The End.

This summer has undoubtedly gone down as the best summer of my life, for obvious reasons working for ORCA, amongst others in my brief stints on land.
As Richard has already explained, we got together for the final trip of the season, to see if we could get Richard some decent sightings of his long-awaited Sperm Whales and to get some final sightings in before we both move on to other things for the colder months.
The English Channel legs of the trip, both outward and inward, were less than rewarding with just a handful of Great Skua (aka Bonxie) and European Storm-Petrels to keep us busy, though with the sun now setting quite early we weren’t expecting our usual Minke Whales in the area off of the Ile D’Ouessant.
The Bay, came up trumps as always, with a grand total of 15+ Fin Whales and 5 or 6 Sperm Whale from dawn until we were well within sight of Santander, However aside from 10 or so Bottlenose Dolphins we were disappointed by the lack of Blackfish, Dolphins and our regular Cuvier’s.  Things really have changed since the beginning of the season!

We weren’t to be disappointed on the return journey though, with a close well-performing Wilson’s Storm Petrel to keep me busy whilst Richard picked up on the first of a continuous stream of Fin Whale, with my subsequent dashes and screams drew his attention to a single Cuvier’s Beaked Whale and (dare I say) the same 5 or 6 Sperm Whale as the morning.

Many thanks go out to Britanny Ferries, the crew of the Cap Finistere, everyone at ORCA and of course on my part to Richard, for making the past 5 months as fun as they were.
I shall be back in due course to work with ORCA again (if they’ll have me!), and hope to see you all again soon – perhaps in more exotic climes!

Over, and out.

For what it’s worth, Rupert Grint supports ORCA, and joined me for a drink and a lengthy chat about conservation and cetaceans one evening.

Lisle Gwynn – ORCA Wildlife Officer


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