Posted by: orcaweb | October 2, 2010

And Finally!

After an amazing summer of wildlife watching and pontificating to the general public, Lisle and I got together for one last trip over the weekend. Now having the ability to see both sides of the boat, we were able to spot everything. Lisle brought his luck with him and I finally got to see some sperm whales (they all came up on his side of the boat!). Thanks Lisle, you are a star!!! And for that, I think it is fitting for Lisle to tell you the rest of this saga.

As for me, it just remains to thank everyone at Brittany Ferries for making my summer such a memorable one. I worked closely with both crews on the Cap Finistère, and everyone made me feel welcome and supported. This may be the end of the chapter, but not the book. I know that I’ll be back to support ORCA with surveys and research in the future.

Richard – Wildlife Officer



  1. You have both done a fantastic job for ORCA in raising awareness of the marine life of the Bay of Biscay. You have inspired me with your entries on the blogs. I’m determined to spend more time in the Biscay next year. The recent news that the ‘Cap Finistere’ will be sailing between Portsmouth and Bilbao is also very exciting news for me and for hundreds of other people like me who are just ‘hooked’ on the Biscay.
    I personally wish you Richard and Lisle well in your future endeavours wherever your travels take you!

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