Posted by: orcaweb | June 24, 2010

A sea of calm

Welcome back to the Cap Finistere, after a slight hiatus, whilst the ship was in dock for a week, we are now back and in the full swing of things.

The recent trip to Santander and back was characterised by beautiful calm seas. Perfect weather for cetacean watching! We were off to a good start with the usual appearance of a minke whale in the Western Approaches, this time, giving us a tantalizing glimpse as it surfaced once, rolled and then disappeared.

The sea was so calm that we could see green turtles (four in total) popping their heads above the water to breath; their locations given away by circles of water spreading away from their noses as they broke the surface.

Gannets flying around the ship were shadowed by their own reflections as they flew close to the water.

Richard – Wildlife Officer


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