Posted by: orcaweb | September 18, 2009

18th September 2009 BLOG UPDATE: A Summer to Remember!

Well there we have it, I have completed my final trip across the Bay of Biscay as the Pont Aven’s ORCA Wildlife Officer, but what a summer it has been and this is by no means the Last Goodbye.

There have been so many highlights for me, the perfect day back in May with the Sperm Whales and hundreds of dolphins, breaching Cuvier’s Beaked Whale on my birthday and most especially Killer Whale at the beginning of August. But it has not just been the wildlife that has made my time onboard such an amazing experience. It’s the people I have met, their excitement at seeing hundreds of dolphins or one Fin Whale, their laughter in my presentations when I compare adult male Killer Whales in British Columbia to my older brother – both of which spend their whole lives with their mothers -(sorry Matt!), their enthusiasm to help the charity with its projects and work, their amazing stories of where they have been and what they have seen. To me this is what ORCA is all about – having these amazing experience with whales and dolphins and then getting involved to help protect them.

The Summer of 2009 - Inspiring encounters with whales, dolphins and people!

The Summer of 2009 - Inspiring encounters with whales, dolphins and people!

Certainly my time with ORCA has not ended with my job as Wildlife Officer onboard the Pont Aven, I hope to keep working as a volunteer surveyor or relief Wildlife Officer…so who knows maybe I will meet many of you again.

But I want to say one final big thank you to the crew, entertainment team and passengers of the Pont Aven, everyone at ORCA and of course those superb whales and dolphins who really did make this a summer to remember…

Rachael – Wildlife Officer


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