Posted by: orcaweb | September 9, 2009

9th September BLOG UPDATE: Go Large With ORCA

Well ORCA’s Go Large Campaign has been running for a few months now with the aim of raising passenger’s awareness of Fin Whales and the threat they face from large, fast moving vessels. But with a change in Fin Whale numbers observed this summer in the Bay of Biscay, the campaign has taken on another role with further research needed into drop in Fin Whale numbers. Will the Fin Whale’s return to the Bay in their usual numbers next year? Why did they not return in the late summer in large numbers this year? The answers to these questions will only come with further survey work in the coming years, all the more reason for our work to continue and for ORCA to continue raising the profile of these awesome creatures.

Children are arguably one of the most important groups of people we need to raise the profile of Fin Whale amongst as they are the future decision makers. The Go Large Campaign has certainly got the kids involved this summer, measuring Fin Whale’s on deck, painting whales on faces, creating posters telling other children to ‘watch out for whales and dolphins’. In the last week we have introduced another fun activity, thanks for an extremely kind donation from a passenger and ORCA member we were able to buy a badge making kit and have been getting the kids to colour in templates or even draw their own badges.

Thank you to Seren, Angel and James for helping me with the badge making!

Thank you to Seren, Angel and James for helping me with the badge making!

One of our GO LARGE badges...

One of our GO LARGE badges...

Its just one more activity that gets kids thinking about Fin Whales, these future decision makers may well have the fate of the Fin Whale in their hands…

Rachael – Wildlife Officer


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