Posted by: orcaweb | August 27, 2009

24th August BLOG UPDATE: Can 1 sighting be better than 10?

Usually we have regular sightings in the Bay of Biscay, which means it’s enough with a bit of patience before you are rewarded with wildlife. Today we struggled! I was so confident we would see both whales and dolphins, since the ocean was smooth and we would spend many hours in the Bay. But no….A lot of people out on deck (=many eyes looking) waited for a lifetime before our sighting of dolphin. Unfortunately, this pod of dolphins stayed away at some distance and were feeding – so not a lot of jumps. After that, a couple of people saw blow on a distance, but at the time I’ve reached that side of the deck we saw nothing. During all this time I had a “tail of kids” after me, following me from side to side. Thank You! You all had so many questions about the ocean, I love that I definitely noticed that you guys got more and more clothes on throughout this time (it’s windy on the helideck and one layer is just not enough!). Since we had such a wonderful time out on deck, despite lack of sightings, we decided to stay out and try to find a whale. Just before it got to dark to spot any wildlife it happened….Eureka! A fin whale, finally! At the time of sighting though, I have to admit that we were having such a great time, talking away (I’m very good at that), that I did not see the first blow. We owe it all to the whale spotter next to us. I am so happy that I was out on deck with you at this time – You inspired me with your excitement. Maybe it’s better with one sighting on good company, than 10 by yourself?????

letter from Claire

Thank You so much for the letter you left me in the reception, Claire! You made me very happy! (experiencing wildlife wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you all)

Lena – Wildlife Officer


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