Posted by: orcaweb | August 27, 2009

23rd August BLOG UPDATE: Is waving a “born reflex”?

The route of Pont Aven links 4 different countries together. I may not be able to speak all languages, but “body language” is actually working remarkably well. It is one gesture, in particular, that always works to minimize the distance between the boat and people on land/other boats – “waving hands”! It does not seem to be important who starts the behavior, passengers on our boat or someone on e.g. a passing boat, the gesture is always returned in similar manner. I used to think only kids had this urge to wave, or after several weeks spent out at sea; but it seems that even 5 hours away from people (other than the 1000 sailing with you) is enough to spark the arm movement. If it is the happiness of seeing more individuals from your own species, or simply the joy of breaking the sight of an endless ocean, I do not know. Further research will have to take place, before this behavior can be fully understood. Until then, I will greet next port like I always do, with a wave and a smile!

Lena – wildlife officer


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