Posted by: orcaweb | August 7, 2009

7th August 2009 BLOG UPDATE: The Holy Grail

Ask most whale watch guides and passengers for that matter and they will tell you there is one species of whale or dolphin they would love to see above all else. The Killer Whale or Orca. This magnificent creature really is the holy grail of whale watching particularly in British and European waters and especially for this Wildlife Officer. There is something fascinatingly gripping about seeing any whale or dolphin but Orca are the ultimate, the top predator and the one everyone wants to see.

Well Wednesday 5th August is now an Orca Day! Quarter to eight in the morning, about an hour from the northern continental slope in the Bay of Biscay, four Orca surfaced a short distance from the Pont Aven and sent this Wildlife Officer bouncing around the Helideck much to the surprise and then delight of a few early rising passengers. The sighting also had they whole ship’s crews buzzing with almost everyone hearing about the sighting either from excited Officers from the Bridge or one very excited Wildlife Officer.

The mighty Orca. Photo by Hugh Harrop/Dylan Walker

The mighty Orca. Photo by Hugh Harrop/Dylan Walker

Although the sighting was reasonably brief it has to go down as one of my best whilst working onboard the Pont Aven, it always is when I see these magnificent mammals.


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