Posted by: orcaweb | July 10, 2009

7th July 2009 BLOG UPDATE: A Brush With Fame

There was a whiff of stardom in the air onboard the Pont Aven over the last few days, as filming took place for a promotional video by ORCA for its Fin Whale Project. Derek and Lynda Spicer, two long term ORCA members, have put forward their film making skills in order to create the short video to be shown onboard the ship and on Youtube!

Despite the weather Derek managed to get some wonderful footage of Common and Striped Dolphins as well as the reactions of delighted passengers. However the main focus of the video was to highlight ORCA’s Fin Whale Project, which is looking at the behaviour of these mysterious and mighty whales around large, fast moving vessels. The aim of the project is to look at ways of preventing these magnificent whales from being struck and killed by such vessels, something which is a serious problem for large whales like Fin Whales. It has been quite quiet in the Bay of Biscay for these whales over the last few weeks, would we find one? Would it be close enough to film?

Filming a group who had just seen Common Dolphins!

Filming a group who had just seen Common Dolphins!

A couple of hours out of Santander and our luck was in as a large blow was spotted in the distance ahead of the ship. As we came closer a Fin Whale surfaced a short distance away alongside the ship, and with Derek’s camera rolling we got the footage needed! It was a fantastic afternoon’s whale watching with Long-finned Pilot Whale and Common Dolphin’s also being sighted and some lucky passengers were also treated to a breaching Sowerby’s Beaked Whale off the back of the ship! Not something that happens everyday by far!

A magnificent Fin Whale surfaces close to the Pont Aven

A magnificent Fin Whale surfaces close to the Pont Aven

Personally I am looking forward to seeing the finished article and most likely cringing at the filming of this Wildlife Officer! A huge thanks to all the passengers who agreed to be filmed and most of all to Derek and Lynda for giving their time and skills to a really important project and cause!



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