Posted by: orcaweb | June 30, 2009

30th June 2009 BLOG UPDATE: Painted faces!!


Today we have had a lot of fun with face paintings. My plan was to get some nice pictures = happy kids with whales on their cheeks, patiently sitting still for hours while I tried to work the camera – I think I set my aim way to high!! Fortunately we just happened to have a professional photographer around. Puuuhhh, no miracles needed with my extremely (!) tiny camera (one of the reasons why I can’t show you a lot of nice pictures on my blog). So, Karen – Thank You so much for your help today! You deserve a blue whale sighting in the future. And you kids –excellent work! I’ll put the final result on here, when I get it…can’t wait!paint ljus 

Since this is my last blog for this shift, I just want to thank all you wonderful people that I meet during my crossings. It’s terrific that we can have a few hours of fun together, running across a deck in the middle of bay of Biscay (or wherever we are)! Never stop glancing at the sea; as you know by now, the sightings happen when you least expect it!

Ooohh, Yeah – did I mention the 4 basking sharks we saw in the English Channel today???



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