Posted by: orcaweb | June 16, 2009

16th June 2009 BLOG UPDATE: KIDS & 1000 DOLPHINS!!!

Two Bay of Biscay crossings, with very different peak factors. During the first one, the encounters with the kids is going to stay in my memory. It is always great to hear we have an impact. During this crossing a met a mom from a previous trip, and I loved her story. She came to have a chat later in the evening, when she told me that my talk had really had an impact on her son. That is wonderful in itself – but now to the best part…This crossing he actually had the opportunity to take a flight to spain, instead of a ferry, and he could just not resist this offer – BUT he brought the binocular (!!) just in case he could spot some dolphin from up there!

Another episode happened when I tried to explain to a kid why the pool was not filled with water (and not opened). Ususally a sensitive issue, because we are talking about the combination child + playing in water. I ended the explanation, with a poor attempt of “but I will have a talk about dolphins later on”…When they left I heard the girl telling her mom “that is even better than the pool”. Aaaahhh, melting the heart of a wildlife officer.

Thank you for all the help; Adam, Chantelle, Tom!

Thank you for all the help; Adam, Chantelle, Tom!

So, what about the 1000 dolphins I mentioned in the headline???? Yes, it is true. About 2 hours away from Santander, we saw a huge group of common dolphins (and some striped dolphins), and they just kept on coming. During this crossing we also had 4 survey people, from ORCA, up on the bridge – and they gave me the figure after a while “estimated numbers is 1000 individuals”. This is not a sighting you have every day, and these numbers even impress the most experiences whale spotter!


  • Huge amount of common dolphin
  • Striped Dolphin
  •  Sperm whale
  •  Cuvier’s Beaked whale
  •  Porpoise
  •  Great Skua
  •  Gannets



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