Posted by: orcaweb | June 16, 2009

14th June 2009 BLOG UPDATE: “Comment Dit”?

french flagLearning new languages is never easy, but it definitely helps to work with a French speaking crew! It is wonderful to see the crew’s interest for ORCA and the “crazy” work I do on deck. Many of them wish to see whales and dolphins, and when they have 5 minute break – some of them will run up to deck 9 and see if we have had a sighting from up there. During this time, up on deck, there is a lot of communication going on – without actually talking the same language. The result is a lot of body language, and sound effects (that would be me, sounding like a whale coming up to surface, catching a breath of air). After many of these occasions, I have come to understand the term “comment dit” (still unsure about the spelling though) – this sentence is usually heard when crew members have tried to explain something to me for a while and I STILL look like a question mark! Maybe one day….

With that said – Salut “you blog readers”!  – Lena –


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