Posted by: orcaweb | June 13, 2009


I just had an idea of providing you readers with a slow working “Web Camera” from Pont Aven. This basically means I’ll take 2 pictures /day from the exact same angle. I still haven’t decided the angle though – Ideas are always welcome! Otherwise you will have to wait and see until the first picture is presented on this blog! Wildlife? Dessert table? So many things in need of valuable insight:)




  1. Hi Lena, Mary here, i spoke to you on the crossing from cork on Saturday. My friends son Barry Hurley has finished First in Class in the Ostar race but more importantly he has seen more whales!! can you believe it. He will be sailing his yatch Dinah home so you may want to blog him on
    Kind regards,

    • Thank You Mary! Great to hear about his adventure out at the big sea! I will definitely have a look:) More whales from a sailing boat….aaahhhh, sounds pretty ok!

      Thanks again/Lena

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