Posted by: orcaweb | June 13, 2009

11th June 2009 BLOG UPDATE: “They look so small….”

The last couple of days on Pont Aven, we have had so many dolphin sightings. After a sighting a usually walk around with my ID-book and explain what we just saw. Almost every time I do this, the same scenario follows when people reply; “Dolphins? They looked so much smaller than I expected…” Now, it’s not that the common dolphins we see from Pont Aven is smaller than usual, but it’s the fact that we see them from Pont Aven. We are usually at deck 9, high above the sea surface, and they are not as close as it seems. Distance is a very difficult thing at sea, so even if it feels like they are only 5 metres away at times, it is usually a bit more than that. So, putting all this information together + depth where we see them, behaviour, pod size, dorsal fin… all explain why they are NOT porpoises as many often believe.

If a ship is big enough, I’m pretty sure even a blue whale may appear as a porpoise! Then again, that would be a scary looking vessel….

– Lena –

(Explanation: Porpoises are usually in shallow waters, don’t jump/bow ride, small group size, triangular fin. Common dolphins are often found in deep waters, jump + bow ride, curved dorsal fin..)


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