Posted by: orcaweb | June 11, 2009

6 June Blog Update: View from the top

An invitation to spend a little while watching from the Bridge of the Pont Aven is not something I could say no to!

So between meeting passengers in the Pool Bar prior to departure from Cork, Ireland and the first kids activity session I joined a small group of passengers and spent an hour standing on the Bridge looking out at a rather grey and wind swept sea hoping that we might pick up some dolphins.

Resident Bottlenose Dolphins are regularly seen along the South West coast of Ireland and the Pont Aven regularly sees them on its way in and out of Cork Harbour, so it was fingers crossed for another sighting from our high vantage point.

Just as we were coming out of Cork Harbour, right by the last marker buoy something caught my attention, looking again and a large dark Bottlenose Dolphin leapt out of the waves just ahead of the ship. I had to contain my squeal of delight since I was on the Bridge but everyone in this small group of passengers were grinning with excitement as four of these large, chunky dolphins leapt just of the bow with effortless ease.

Big, chunky Bottlenose Dolphins always a delight

Big, chunky Bottlenose Dolphins always a delight

The buzz of excitement I get from an encounter with any whales and dolphins is still there but once again best of all is seeing passengers get that same buzz. When eating dinner that evening a passenger stopped me to say she had seen one of the dolphins out of the window, she was so pleased since she wouldn’t have even thought to look if she hadn’t come to one of my presentations!


Wildlife Officer Pont Aven


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