Posted by: orcaweb | June 11, 2009

1 June Blog Update: It just gets better and better

I had wondered, since writing the last Blog about the stunning day in the Bay of Biscay last week, how it could ever be better… however I do believe that the wildlife sightings in the Bay of Biscay just keep getting better and better and that our trip through the area the other day may have topped that day!

Once again with glorious sunshine the dolphins came out to play but once again it was the majestic Sperm Whale that stole the show.

Another close encounter with the Giants of the Deep

Another close encounter with the Giants of the Deep

Only a short distance out of Santander and we picked up an unbelievable group of 6 Sperm Whales, including at least two calves! They were quite a distance from the boat but how did we know there were calves? Well the fact they were both breaching, leaping clear of the water helped! It was one of the most amazing sights seeing these big babies throwing themselves clear of the water and landing with a tremendous splash to a chorus of delighted shouts from all the passengers lined up on the helideck watching them. As mentioned in the previous Blog it is unusual to see mother and calf groups of Sperm Whale in the Bay of Biscay but now twice in one week we had encountered exactly that, first a young Sperm Whale seemingly on its own and now a group of females and calves! Why we encounter females and calves some years and not others is open to speculation but one theory is that in warmer summers these groups do move into the southern part of the bay, considering its not even fully summer yet I can hardly wait for the rest of the summer if this is only just the beginning…


Wildlife Officer Pont Aven


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