Posted by: orcaweb | May 21, 2009

BLOG UPDATE: Migrators from both ocean and land!

NOTE! This blog update is from April. We could not upload the blog until now, but I still want the share the earlier experience with you! /Lena

I love the ocean! I really do. Usually the sounds include wave movements, marine birds, and if you’re lucky maybe even the blow of a whale. This week I heard something very different….

black cap (by Susan Allen)

Black Cap (By Susan Allen)

After breakfast I went out on deck, to have a quick look before the deck-watches later on. A beautiful day and perfect surface condition; excellent for marine life spotting. While I was standing there, all I heard was the ship moving through the ocean….but wait, what was that? Definitely not a sound I usually link to the ocean. It sounded like forest! I had to look for a while until I saw what it was – the tiniest bird. So, in the middle of Bay of Biscay, this little bird tried to keep up with Pont Aven. I have to admit that at this point, I had no idea what kind of bird it was, but 5 hours later he (?) and a friend came flying back and one of them even landed on deck. Since I wasn’t even on deck at the time, thanks for photo and identification from people that were. Oh yeah, almost forgot – it was a black cap!

This is what I found so interesting with working on the ocean for whole seasons. The things we see from Pont Aven are going to change during the months to come. Some species may be in the area all year around, others show themselves just for a while (maybe to feed/breed/passing through). Like the sperm whales, with the largest males migrating all the way up to Arctic Norway during summer. Even this giant was encountered during this week, but only by 2 (as far as I know).You lucky people (you know who you are) definitely deserved it!

Sperm Whale (By Susan Allen)

Sperm Whale (By Susan Allen)

For the rest, as you can see from the picture, it is not easy to find these “logs” on the surface. I’m sure the luck will be on your side next time!


Thank you Susan Allen for the pictures!


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