Posted by: orcaweb | May 21, 2009

18 MAY 2009 BLOG UPDATE: Sleepless nights!

The crossings have been everything but calm lately. For some, very lucky people, it seems like the waves rock them to sleep in a soothing manner; and they wake up nice and fresh. For me it’s the complete opposite, with many cups of black coffee before I can function. Please let me know how You do it!

RoughAs usual I had a look at the pool….Hmmm, empty…Ok, guess there will be some waves ahead. Well, this time “some” translated to quite a lot, all combined with big swells. I warned everyone at the “identify whales” talk, saying that the conditions were a disaster for trying to spot marine wildlife. Some of us still tried to search for blows and splashes from the heli-deck, CRAZY!  No luck! As usual though, the self-catering area (deck 7) proved to earn is name as “the Mecca of dolphin sightings”. Even in these lousy conditions, some happy dinner guests saw 2 pods of dolphins. Unbelievable!

I knew from before that poor weather conditions affect wildlife watching, I did not know it affects my ‘beauty sleep’ – BUT IT DOES! Then again, if I can’t sleep in a dark, silent (!) airplane, how can I expect to do it in a “living, moving vessel”….I think I’ll try my camomile tea tonight, and see if it can work wonders!


A lot of "white caps" on the ocean surface - seen from the top deck!

A lot of "white caps" on the ocean surface - seen from the top deck!


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