Posted by: orcaweb | May 21, 2009

17 MAY 2009 BLOG UPDATE: Thumbs Up!

I don’t like telling people not to go for their dream, especially when it relates to the Ocean….So I don’t!

Many people I talk to mention a daughter/grandson/cousin…- someone with a dream to work with Ocean in some way. A talk like that often includes questions like:

“are there any jobs as a marine biologist?”

“would you recommend it?”

Of course I do. I totally love my field, and I don’t see how one could ever go wrong followings ones passion! As a result, when a couple asked me to give “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to their granddaughter, regarding her wish to enter the field of marine biology; the answer was thumbs up, without hesitation. It is wonderful to know that as wildlife officers, we can actually spark peoples’ interest for the ocean. I’m even sure some will actually choose a future with the Ocean, maybe the artists from our “wall of fame” (playroom area on deck 7) are likely candidates. Here are some wonderful drawings!




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