Posted by: orcaweb | May 21, 2009

12 MAY 2009 BLOG UPDATE: The ocean was “boiling” with dolphins!

During the crossing from Santander to Portsmouth, we saw so many dolphins. They started to appear about 2 hours after departure, and from there on a pod was probably seen every 15 minutes. So, even it was more difficult to spot bigger whales today, marine life was definitely present in huge numbers. Bay of Biscay keeps up with its reputation; excellent whale and dolphin spotting!

Today we were lucky. As soon as people started to come out on heli-deck, in search for wildlife; a group a fin whales appeared (no they were not spermwhales! Remember that the blow can seem to be at an angle during windy days). Since the ocean condition was excellent, I felt confident we would spot more whales….this time it wasn’t that easy though. We definitely tried, in spite of the wind and rain, some of us spent hours on the heli-deck. This time we had to settle (!?) for many, many dolphins. Not the worse deal in life!

I love being out on the deck with a bunch a people, wind in the face, true expedition! But I think it’s hilarious when I go inside to the restaurant (with my 22 layers of clothes), and people sometimes have closer encounters/more sightings from their dinner table!! The front of the self-catering restaurant was truly the paradise of “sophisticated whale watchers” today, with many bow-riding encounters! Maybe I should take that as a sign…



  • Fin Whales
  • (Possibly a spermwhale sighted by some guests in early morning)
  • Manx Shearwater
  • Gannets
  • Colored Dove
  • Common Dolphins
  • Striped Dolphins

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