Posted by: orcaweb | May 17, 2009

9 MAY 2009 BLOG UPDATE: Using the pool as a barometer!

I No longer need to check the weather forecast. Just a glance at the pool and I will have a pretty good idea of the expected crossing…

I’m learning new things every day on the ship. Recently I’ve discovered that the pool actually works as a barometer on the Pont Aven. So, instead of asking the crew for expected ocean conditions, I now go to the pool on deck 9! If “a pool filled with water” greets me, I know the crossing will be smooth – Excellent, just go and get the binoculars!

Calm weather means a very good chance of dolphin encounters!

Calm weather means a very good chance of dolphin encounters!

It is so much easier to spot whales and dolphins during smooth crossings, and to Santander, Spain, we had several sightings. Fortunately I had the help of many spotters out on deck, something I always appreciate since I have a tendency to talk too much. In the whale world it is believed that you spot more (!) if the focus is on the ocean, instead of the interested person in front of you. Hmmm, either I need to reduce the talking (oj, oj!) OR get more spotters on the heli-deck; all my effort will be put on the last option. So, join me on heli-deck this season and contribute to both sightings and the social nature of a Wildlife Officer!


  • Several fin whales on a distance
  • Pod of Striped dolphins (close)
  • Several pods of common dolphins (close)
  • Gannets
  • Great Skua
  • Whimbrels
  • A butterfly!

Happy whale watching!



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